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Tricia uses the Fermi process to estimate the number of buckets of sand she could store in a warehouse.

The buckets are shaped like cylinders.

The warehouse is shaped like a rectangular prism.


She estimates the buckets have a height of 15 inches and a diameter of 20 inches.

She estimates the warehouse is 250 feet long, 80 feet wide, and 20 feet high.

Which expression should Tricia use in the process? ​


5×10^7/5×104 ​ ​

7×10^8/5×103 ​ ​

5×10^6/5×103 ​ ​

7×10^9/5×104 ​


Just finished the test, review says it is 7×10^9/5×104 ​

 May 9, 2019
edited by Corphoenix  May 9, 2019
edited by Corphoenix  May 9, 2019
edited by Corphoenix  May 9, 2019

All the choices are off by a factor of 5 or more just based on the volume of the warehouse and the volume of the cylinders

 May 9, 2019

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