This is the problem: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/base-number-arithmetic 



This problem might be fun to try, Hereka's solution is wrong, see if you can see where the mistake is.



I have read through this problem and answer. I would like to state that 7 cannot be expressed in base 2 or 3, So the answer would be zero for those who wanted to know. 


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-Zekken(Absolute sword) 

 Mar 9, 2020
edited by Guest  Mar 9, 2020

Your statement'

"I would like to state that 7 cannot be expressed in base 2 or 3,"


What on Earth are you on about?




Any positive integer, in any positive interger base, can be expressed in any other positive integer base.

 Mar 9, 2020

I'm with Zekken on this. 


Normally if you write a number as abcp, for example, you mean that the number is already in base p, so that a, b and c are all less than p itself. 


For the question to make sense, we are presumably supposed to interpret each number as a base ten number, then convert it to various bases, p, and work out which values of p are possible.  So for 6p, for example, we could have 1102, or 203, or 115 etc.  However, without this sort of explanation accompanying the question I consider it to be poorly phrased.

 Mar 9, 2020

Hi Alan,


I was not referring to the question, I have not even read the question, was referring only to his assertion.


He did not say that 7 is not a base 2 number.  If he had said that I would have agreed.


He said that 7 cannot be expressed as a base 2 number.  Which is nonsense.


I do agree with you, many base questions that I have read on here are very poorly phrased. 

I accept your assertion that this is one of them. 

If a number is mentioned in a base question, the base of that number should always be clearly defined.

Melody  Mar 9, 2020

Hi Melody, I understand. I was commenting on the problem and its "solution", not your comment!

Alan  Mar 9, 2020

Fair enough. Thanks Alan.

I am sorry that I misunderstood.

Melody  Mar 9, 2020

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