If a question says "calculate angle BDA", do i have to figure all 3 angles out seperately or calculate all three and then multiply them together?

 Mar 5, 2018


In this diagram, \(m\angle BDA = 45^{\circ}\)\(\angle BDA\) represents one and only one angle. It appears as if you do not understand the notation of angles. 


In order to identify \(\angle BDA\) in your individual diagram, so the following:


1) Draw a segment from point B to point D. 

2) Draw a segment from point D to point A.

3) Point D should create an angle that is bounded between two segments: \(\overline{BD}\text{ and }\overline{DA}\). This is where the angle is located. 


Remember that the central letter of the notation indicates the location of the angle. The other letters indicate what segment bound the angle between. Does this make sense?

 Mar 5, 2018

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