If the perimeter of the figure at right is x+38, what are the lengths of the sides and the value of the perimeter? 

 May 22, 2017

Perimeter is the total length of all sides, so to get the perimeter of this figure, add up all the sides and set it equal to x+38:




Combine the like terms on the left side of the equation:


\(7x-10=x+38\)   Add 10 to both sides

\(7x=x+48\)   Subtract x from both sides

\(6x=48\)   Divide by 6 on both sides



Now that we have solved for x, let's plug it into the side lengths to get each of its values:

Side length 1\(=x=8units\)

Side length 2\(=x+3=8+3=11units\)

Side length 3\(=x-5=8-5=3units\)

Side length 4\(=x-4=8-4=4units\)

Side length 5\(=x-1=8-1=7units\)

Side length 6\(=x-1=8-1=7units\)

Side length 7\(=x-2=8-2=6units\)


Last thing we have to find is the perimeter. Simply evaluated x+38 and you are done:



 May 22, 2017

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