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If you toss a coin in the air and the first 9 times it lands on heads what is the probability it will land on tails the tenth toss?


A) 1/1024
B) 1/2
C) 1/4
D) 1/9
E) 1/256

 Oct 24, 2019

Each toss of the coin is independent of any other toss......the next toss has a  1/2  probability of being a head or tails




cool cool cool

 Oct 24, 2019

The probability of getting a tails on the tenth toss is 1/2. Previous results do not have any effect on future tosses. For the tenth toss, the odds are 1 out of 2 possible choices. The answer is significantly different if you ask what are the odds of tossing heads 10 times in a row.

macabresubwoofer  Oct 24, 2019

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