This question is literally impossible. 


I know it involves cos and sin and trig, but umm..I don't get it...


Thank you so much! :)

 Jun 22, 2024

The question is not "impossible" - well for the braindead moderators, it is. I wouldn't ask them for the answer as their skill level ends at basic high school math and this entire forum lacks any amount of insight, creativity, and perserverance, all of which is required to solve thie problem. 

 Jun 24, 2024
edited by Holtran  Jun 24, 2024

If you are willing to show that you indeed can solve this problem, do it. 

There's no point in insulting the moderators. They're volunteers graciously spending their time on this forum. 

Like I said, if you have a problem with this website, you don't have to be on it. 

However, there are people who DO like this website, and you can't change their minds. 


With these comments, you aren't helping anybody. 

Yes, I know this problem is not impossible. I know it involves cos, tan, theta, and creativity. 

I'm simply chalenging those on the forum. 

I don't care if no one answered. 


In fact, I do know the moderators gace it an attempt. I saw them on this promblem, trying to do it.

That's all I asked for, and that's what I got. 

NotThatSmart  Jun 24, 2024

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