Give me the answers of the following integrations?


∫ (x^x) dx = ?

∫ (x^sinx) dx = ?

∫ (x^ln (x)) dx = ?

∫ (x^(x^2)) dx = ?

∫ (x^(1/x)) dx = ?

∫ (x^(1/cos x)) dx = ?

Guest Jul 23, 2017

Please post one question at a time and try using words like 'please help me understand', 

rather than 'give me the answers'.  A little politeness can get you a long way in life.

Melody  Jul 23, 2017

I suspect this is a deliberately awkward question!  None of the integrals listed have results in terms of standard mathematical functions ( except possibly for the ln(x) one; but even there the result is in terms of the imaginary error function, hardly a common function!).  There are solutions in terms of series - see WolframAlpha.

Alan  Jul 23, 2017

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