Two weeks ago, Alice came home from vacation and noticed that a bean plant was growing in her garden. Today, the stalk is 452 centimeters tall, and Alice observed that its height increases by 5% every day. How tall was the plant 2 weeks ago when she first noticed it growing? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.



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Not sure what "interest rate" is being accounted for, here.....maybe we should leave that for the "bean counters"......however....as to the "bean growers" like Alice, we can proceed as follows :


2 weeks = 14 days....so


452  = H ( 1.05)^14    wher H is the original height


Divide both sides by   (1.05)^14


452 / (1.05)^14   = H  ≈  228.3  cm  



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CPhill  Dec 3, 2017


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