Hi everyone,


I am trying to upload an image but when I click upload, it says "Oops! Internal Server Error (reference: c3bd45bce721) We're sorry, but something went wrong." Is it just me or is this happening to everyone?



 Jul 23, 2019

Yah.....Happens to me too    ~EP

 Jul 23, 2019

Until this gets fixed, you should be able to use another service to upload your image.


Here Melody explains how to use one called Gyazo: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/how-to-upload-a-picture_1


I use a website called Imgur to upload images: https://imgur.com/upload

To use that, browse your files to choose the image or drag it onto the screen. Wait for the image to finish uploading, then right click the picture and select "Copy Image Address/Location/URL" (The message is different depending on what browser you're using.) Once you have copied the image's URL, back on this forum, paste it into the box where it says URL after you click the Image button.


If neither of those work, you can try searching Google for "image upload" or something like that to find another one. 

 Jul 23, 2019
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Oh, okay. Thanks for the help!!!

dgfgrafgdfge111  Jul 23, 2019

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