"A minute ago, there were 20 more people in room A than in Room B. Six people from Room A moved to Room B. How many people are there in Room A than in Room B now?"


My answer is x+14. Is that correct or not? I tried everything to make my answer a whole number, but nothing seemed to work. Please do help if you are able to figure this out. Thank you!!

Guest Oct 19, 2018

Assume that a minute ago there were x people in Room B.

At that same time, there were: x + 20 in Room A.

x + 20 - 6 = x + 14 people in Room A now!.

Guest Oct 19, 2018

There WERE 20 more people in A then B......then six people left......now there are only 14 more people in A than B....

THEN the six people went in to B.....Now there are only 8 more people in A than B.

ElectricPavlov  Oct 19, 2018

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