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 Feb 14, 2019

Look at the following graph :


The curve formed by a point on the circle as it rotates is known as a "cycloid"...the graph shows two rotations....the y coordinate for the center does not change....the new x value for the center is given by 4pi - sin (4pi)  = 4pi  So....the correct equation is

(x - 4pi)^2 + ( y - 1)^2 =  1



cool cool cool

 Feb 14, 2019

there is no A


the answer is K


\((x-4\pi)^2 + (y-1)^2 = 1\)


By rolling two revolutions the circle is displaced two circumferences to the right.

With radius 1 the circumference is 2pi.


The y coordinate of the center doesn't change when rolling horizontally.

 Feb 14, 2019

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