been ages since I've been thinking to make a post but I just wanted to talk today,

have you guys checked out the new iOS 9? Did you like the changes? I didn't totally! The keyboard change I didn't like an that one too in which we remove the open applications! I think the older way of doing that ! And what other changes are there? I've been only known to these ! And did you also check out the new phone covers just released by Apple! They are so cool! I like the elephant one, it's the cutest! Which is yours? 


And what hat about the two apps which were given by iOS 9? Did you like them too, I haven't yet gone into detail in that!  I liked the older functions better! You enact to see some magic? 


This is is how my phone looks when I open it:


And this is how it looks like after you enter the password!








isnt is beautiful!?


so how's is going everyone!? My exams are going fine! I can't say anything now since you never know what happens! I wanted to make a post but due to some reasons I couldn't!ill make another small post with my phone , I could ad it in this but posting pics with your phone isn't an easy task! And for that, you must appreciate me! Haha

rosala  Sep 19, 2015
edited by rosala  Sep 19, 2015

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