Hi guys!

Seems a bit slow today...


I see 9 people online (but maybe not all are actually on).

Anyone want to pass time?


I'll repost a riddle for anyone that wants one...


There was once a trapezist named the Amazing Alexis. One and all gathered to watch the performer's tricks.


Unfortunately, the Amazing Alexis was in an accident and perished, but not before writing a will. It stated that the star's money would be stored until the performer's oldest grandson came forth to claim it. If none did, then the nearest relative would be awarded the money.


One day, a man from Chicago was found, claiming to be Alexis' grandson. His name was Gregory Magnusson.


He went to court to claim his inheritance. While the judge heard his case, from the back of the court room, a woman exclaimed that the Amazing Alexis was NOT Magnusson's grandfather, and that she, Alexis' niece, rightfully deserved the money.


As the judge listened, he had to agree that she WAS Alexis' niece and the performer was NOT Magnusson's grandfather.


However, Magnusson argued that he WAS indeed the Amazing Alexis' grandson.


Who got the money?



Anonymous4338  Feb 12, 2016

i love riddiles

NeebieMath  Feb 12, 2016

If 'Alexis' is a girl's name, she is grandFATHER to no one.

Guest Feb 12, 2016

I think The woman got it as I have nvr heard of a trapeze that was a grandfather *imagines shrivelled up old man swinging left to right* NOPE so there are no grandsons or grandaughters YET so the closes found would be alexis's niece.

Guest Feb 13, 2016

Okay, it's been a while.


The answer is...


Magnusson got the money!


Both him and the woman told the truth.


Magnusson claimed to be the Amazing Alexis' grandson...


and the the woman claimed that the Amazing Alexis was not Magnusson's grandfather.


It was overlooked by all except Guest (#2) that the Amazing Alexis was in fact female!

Anonymous4338  Feb 13, 2016

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