this is like an off-topic post but I would like your opinions, please :)

 I would like you to write about your thoughts and feelings about the closure of schools until the end of the year. How do you feel about not going back to school this year? What do you miss most about going to school? If we do go back to school in September what do you think the school will be like? Will it be the same or drastically different from the way it was? How do you feel about online learning? Has it been a challenge to do your work online? Why or why not?

 Jun 2, 2020



It depends. In New York City, it's been relatively easy for my school but some aren't so lucky.


Some students in other districts do not have access to internet or a computer and are unable to do schoolwork, so the DOE had to lend them some iPads.


I personally feel that closing schools will help flatten the curve. According to my projections there's a 70%+ chance of a second wave in the fall. Simply not safe, especially since my school is a citywide school and we have people travelling 2 hours to school, by subway.


I miss the lack of human interaction. In school all kinds of drama happen but now?


Sure I mean online school goes like this


Logs onto zoom

Complains about zoom malware probs

Teacher says hi

Everyone says hi

Someone spams the chat

Teacher shuts it down

Some kid types a curse word

Zoom servers fail

We do this over again 5 times


Of course it will be different.


From what I hear many students like to go eat after school. Nada.


The whole economical sector will change. 


The United States has a culture on customer service and friendly staff. After this it will drill a "no speak no touch" mindset. Airlines? Time for change. Oh I'm scared of touching metal or cardboard now even if it's been in my house since 2018.




Online learning is going ok. 


Stay safe.

 Jun 2, 2020

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