What do you do when you see an accident? In many places you call 9-1-1; otherwise, you would call the police. The same is true for any kind of trouble where you need help from the law. A police officer's job is to help keep our towns and neighborhoods peaceful. Another name for a policeman is a peace officer.
Many police departments use the words "To Protect and to Serve" as their motto. You might think they protect us just by patrolling in their cars. That is a good way to help keep people from speeding or breaking other traffic laws, but that is not the only way.
Some officers become part of a mounted force. They ride horses in parks where cars cannot go. Mounted police help control crowds and keep them from rioting. Large cities sometimes have a lot of mounted officers. Sometimes they put on special riding displays. These are often colorful and fun to watch. They also let the public see the training and teamwork between the men and the horses.
Dogs are often used in many police departments. The officers who handle police dogs are called K-9 handlers, short for the word canine, which means dog. These dogs do many jobs. Sometimes they help stop criminals who are trying to avoid capture. Sometimes they have been taught to find bombs. Other police dogs use their noses to find drugs wherever they are hidden. They all work to help keep us safe.
Not all peace officers go out on patrols. Some officers are very good puzzle solvers. They are called detectives. Some of them investigate murders, or homicides; others work on gang or drug cases. A few officers like to play parts, like actors. They go undercover and pretend they are not police officers. The work can be very dangerous, but they can often find out information that they could not get other ways.
Some police officers like things that are scientific. They enjoy discovering how things work. They can become forensic investigators. They go to a crime scene and collect evidence like fingerprints and DNA. They take pictures of the scene and try to make sense of everything they find. It is like having many puzzle pieces to put together. If it is done correctly, the guilty person will be caught.
A few peace officers go to schools and other places to tell others how to avoid being a victim of a crime and how to stay safe. They teach people what they should do in an emergency and why they should respect the law. Sometimes these officers also talk to reporters when there is special news from the police department.
Computer crimes are becoming more and more common. These crimes hurt people of all ages. Many police departments are assigning more officers to handle them.
Some people fear the police because they plan to break the law. Those who break the law hurt everyone around them in many ways. Keeping the peace is not an easy job. Officers are often hated or disliked because they are trying to do right. Their hard work helps keep us safe. The next time you talk to a police officer, tell him how much you appreciate his hard work in keeping our neighborhoods peaceful.


1. What kind of officer drives over certain parts of a town or city looking to stop trouble?

 Apr 7, 2021


What kind of officer drives over certain parts of a town or city looking to stop trouble?     


I think the answer you're looking for is mounted police officer.  I'm not sure about that, though.   


However, these days, they're all mounted.  When was the last time you saw a policeman walking a beat?    

 Apr 8, 2021

Sometimes they are on pushbikes.

Melody  Apr 8, 2021

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