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 Aug 6, 2015

Wait, what is the wrap made out of. I like lunch wraps with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a little meat sometimes. Breakfast wraps are just gross. Which brings me to my next point: Mcmuffins are disgusting. I sometimes wonder who the h**l came up with it, it's not even a muffin. C'mon america you don't chow down on that s**t. I once was kidnapped by purple pepperoni pirates, I had quite the adventure. My nostrils sometimes whisper to me, they tell me to burn, they tell me to k**l. Should I listen to my nose?

 Aug 6, 2015

Perhaps you should get 2 jobs.

One in a crematorium and one in a abbortoir.

Then both your nasal callings could be satisfied. :/

 Aug 7, 2015

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