Hi everyone,

Today we are all going to end our day.............................................

no no wait ,today i wont say my usual lines , but give them some twists, becoz it seems very boring saying the same lines a 100's of times!!(lol)!so........


Hi forum rats,

Todays wrap is a lil special becoz its my last wrap until 4th August which is next to next Monday!Todays post consist not reallly something special but just my a bit more thinking!

So today is the Titling Day (Titling Day was discovered my Ms.Rosala on 25th July2014 )

So here are some great personalities with their indirectly matching titles!

(Warning:All the titles are just given on the fun basis and nothing serious or personal!So id just say they are "just for fun"!im sure u all know that but i just told in advance to prevent any misunderstanding!btw you can take the good ones as real!)

So here are they.........................




$$Admin=The Rare View$$

$$Alan=The QuietGenius$$

$$Heureka=The OutstandingPerformer$$

$$Kitty=TheSweetAnd Quiet$$

$$NinjaDevo=The Surpriser$$

$$Reinout-g=The Nice Person$$


$$DragonSlayer=The Best PointsGiver$$






$$AzizHusain= IntelligentBoy$$

and at last..



So that was all the specials and now the laughs!!

Everywhere in the World ...........thats true!

WOW!Beautiful air.................!

Such a terrible thing!

now thats what a hamster asks god everyday!

I cant do it anymore!

Becoz..........everyone wants a photo clicked!

5 MINS is no less!

Get ready...............................!

Cats laughing heartly over a POOR dog!sad........!

Horse power!

Clever brain!

Just a high five!

Sorry!cant hear you!

Seat's not available!

Mustache man!

Nice mouse!!

Beautiful Squirrel!

Got stuck in the problem that will never ever end!

If u can understand me , then may i have some food!!!

Just one more and then see what will happen ..............!

Thats the spirit!

So , those wrere the laughs!

Hope uve enjoyed them!


Melody heres something for you!

Melody, I am currently reading a book , its a beautiful book but just a lil big with approx 959 pages!but its alot interesting , becoz its based on a very beautiful lady's life and i'm always curious to know things about historical times and so i got this book!Its name is The Mirror Of Beauty!

So while reading it i found something interesting which has your name , there were some poem verses in the book which include your name!these require a very deep thinking to understand but i have understood them so wanted to share them with you as they are really beautiful!

so Melody hers something for you!

$$Melody$$ $$falls,$$ $$drop$$ $$by$$ $$drop,$$ $$and$$ $$yet$$

$$It$$ $$raises$$ $$reverberations$$  $$so$$ $$deep;$$

$$Thought$$ $$rises$$ $$like$$ $$dust$$ $$and$$ $$flies$$ $$in$$ $$the$$ $$brain.$$


So those were the verses i found would be nice to share with you !Hope you liked them!


So that was all in my todays wrap!

Hope you liked my todays special post!

And enjoyed it too!

 Jul 25, 2014

Best Answer 


Well, DS, if she's the only one, that's not too bad. There are probably twenty others who will say the same thing, but haven't gotten around to it, yet.

 Sep 9, 2014

Interesting nicknames and fun post. It is nice to relax at the end of the day or whenever and enjoy something new. I have never been on such an active forum before. Also, you posted some cool pictures which were all incredibly funny and awesome! 

 Jul 25, 2014

Thank you AzizHusain!

im happy you enjoyed my post!!!

 Jul 26, 2014

Thank you Rosala,

I always enjoy enjoy your laughs.  


Thank you for sharing that special verse with me.  

It is thought provoking you are right.  I definitely like it!

Queen Guinevere 

 Jul 26, 2014

Your Welcome Melody!Im happy u liked those verses!

While reading the book i suddenly reached a part wheer i found these verses and then suddenly your name struck and so i thought to share them with you!

These were written by a very old Urdu or Persian poet and so are translated in English!ive found many such things in the book!its like a reading adventure!

 Jul 26, 2014

Nataszza ain't a good girl! She told me to F off.

 Sep 9, 2014
Best Answer

Well, DS, if she's the only one, that's not too bad. There are probably twenty others who will say the same thing, but haven't gotten around to it, yet.

Guest Sep 9, 2014

Ok thank you!

 Sep 16, 2014

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