how do I find the the least common denominator of 3 or more fractions? I have been reading many ways but they are very complicated, so please explain me in easy way. thank you for help!


EDIT: thanks for all help! helped me big time!

 Jul 15, 2017
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 Jul 15, 2017

Find the least common multiple or common denominator:
lcm(2, 3, 4, 5)
Find the prime factorization of each integer:
The prime factorization of 2 is:
2 = 2^1
The prime factorization of 3 is:
3 = 3^1
The prime factorization of 4 is:
4 = 2^2
The prime factorization of 5 is:
5 = 5^1
Find the largest power of each prime factor.
The largest power of 2 that appears in the prime factorizations is 2^2.
The largest power of 3 that appears in the prime factorizations is 3^1.
The largest power of 5 that appears in the prime factorizations is 5^1.
Therefore lcm(2, 3, 4, 5) = 2^2×3^1×5^1:
Answer: | lcm(2, 3, 4, 5) = 60

 Jul 15, 2017

The guest above me gave you the method, but you mentioned the least common denominator of 3 or more fractions.


i think i can assume you know how to find the least common denominator for 2 numbers. So you could also do this:


Suppose you need to find the least common denominator for {a1, a2, ...., an}.


First step: find the least common denominator for a1 and a2.


Replace aand awith x1, their least common denominator.


Second step: find the least common denominator for x1 and a3


Replace x1 and a3 with x2, their least common denominator.







Continue this until you get to xn-1.


I know the guest above me already answered the question, i just wanted to show you you can use what you already know to solve this question ;).

 Jul 16, 2017

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 Jul 17, 2017

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