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Can someone explain how to get the equations from this problem or check if my equations are right:


 We have two types of workers tenured and probationary. Our Union contract states that of our 34000 work hours a week at least 20% must be from probationary employees and 40% must be from tenured employees.


*ge is greater than or equal to and le is less than or equal to*

For this part my equation came out to be: 6000x+13600y>(ge)34000

i got this by multiplying 20% to 34000 and 40% to 34000


We know that a tenured employee can produce 1/5 of a shoe per hour and a probationary employee can produce 1/8 of a shoe per hour. Once we know how many shoes we want to produce each week, we need to make sure that the employees we have working can meet that demand.

**there was a part before this where i had to solve for shoes and what i got was 4800 shoes in total 2400 for pair A and 2400 for pair B**


Here all I did was Multiply 1/5*4800=960 and 1/8*4800=600

after this I used this numbers to come up with the equation of: 960x+600y>(ge)4800


Tenured workers make $35 per hour and probationary workers make $20 per hour.

I assume this is the equation needed to solve the problem so It came out to be:



After doing this I have 1 more constrain that I can't seem to figure out and I might have a forth but I don't really know

 Jan 22, 2018

I swapped x and y  from what you had, but the idea is the same


Let x be the hours worked by the probationary employees and y be the hours worked by the tenured employees  


So   x + y  = 34000


At least  20% of the hours must come from the probationay employees and at least 40% come from the tenured employees


So  x  ≥ 6800     and  y   ≥  13600


We must be requiring that the tenured employees produce at least    13600 (1/5)  shoes = 2920

So    y/5    ≥  2720    


And we must be requiring that the probationary employees must produce at least   6800 (1/8)  = 850 shoes

So      x/8  ≥ 850   


And we want to minimize the cost


So... we want to minimize this   objective function :    20x  +  35y


Look at  the graph here:



We have two possible values that minimize the cost  (6800, 27200)  and  (20,400, 13,600)

Plugging both of these into the objective functions shows that (20,400, 13,600)  minimize the cost





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 Jan 22, 2018

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