can 8000000000 go in to 3

Guest Jun 19, 2017

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no, how you can find out if it's a multiple of three easly is 

1. you add the digits up (like for instince 121 1+2+1=4)

2. repeat step one till you have a single digit number

3. if the number is 3,6, or 9 then it's a multiple of three

keep in mind this only works for 3 though if you do this and the final number is 9 then it's a multiple of 9, if the begining number is even and it and the final number is 3, 6, or 9 then it's a multiple of 6 and if it doesn't work out then it's a multiple of 1  (this doesn't work for fractions, decimals, negetive numbers, and imagenary numbers)

Guest Jun 19, 2017

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