Lost at Sea



You have chartered a yacht with several friends, for the holiday trip of a lifetime across the Atlantic Ocean. Because none of you have any previous sailing experience, you have hired an experienced skipper and two-person crew.


Before you embark on the trip the crew briefs everyone on the emergency plan. They show you the paddle life raft with the water proof container containing:


A small cooking pan, a small mirror, a trigger lighter, 12-500ml containers of water, 5 packets of ramen and 5 boxes of mac & cheese, several rolls of duct tape, a 2 gallon container of oil/gas mixture, a short wave radio (5 mile range), 10 x 10 square feet of plastic tarp, box plastic forks/spoons 24-ct, a fishing knife, 20 feet of nylon rope, a small tool box (containing: a hammer, plyers, screwdrivers, hatchet, small saw), an ocean fishing kit & pole, 20 one gallon plastic bags.


Unfortunately in mid Atlantic a fierce fire breaks out in the ships galley and the skipper and crew have been lost while trying to fight the blaze. Much of the yacht is destroyed and is slowly sinking.


You and your friends get on the life raft and paddle to a remote island. Your location is unclear so your best estimate is that you are many hundreds of miles from the nearest landfall. How will you survive?


Your job is to use all the supplies to survive at least 10 days on a deserted island. The island has very little resources other than some palm trees and big tropical plants. The island has nothing on it to eat.


Your group will write a short paragraph on how you survive. You will also describe or draw a diagram on how you were able to obtain water for drinking and cooking.  Good luck! Give as many examples as possible... Use ALL SUPPLIES given! surprisesmileylaugh

 Sep 7, 2018

we k**l and eat Gilligan

 Sep 7, 2018

Sounds like a plan  laugh   cool

Melody  Sep 8, 2018

Gilligan is too scrawny, but the Skipper could sustain you for weeks.

Guest Sep 8, 2018

Yea that might be a better plan but if they are rescued soon then maybe Gilligan will be enough. 

Actually i'd chose one of the others. Maybe Thursten Howell III  or his wife?


Then again there are plenty of coconuts in those cocnut palms and also plenty of fish in the sea so maybe it is better that they don't eat anyone.   laugh


For those who don't know what we are talking about. I know it is before most people's time :)








Actually I'd use some of the plastic and one of the containers to set up a desalination unit, that will help with the water supply.

10 days is not bery long, most people should not need any food, especially if they are not very active,  it is only water that is a problem and they have 12 conatiners, I don't think  the question says how many people there are... 


Youd best light a big fire on the hight peak too. So rescuers can find you.

Melody  Sep 9, 2018

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