You have 3 Math books, 5 History books, and 4 Science books. If the books are placed on a book shelf, what is the probability that each category is kept together?
Round your answer to 6 decimal places as needed.

am i supposed to be multiplying

Guest Jun 28, 2017


The total  possible arrangements  =  12!     


Tne math books can be arranged in 3! ways

Tne history books can be arranged in 5! ways

Tne science books can be arranged in 4! ways


And these groups can be arranged in 3!  ways


So......the probability that  each category can be kept together is


[ 3! * 5! * 4! * 3! ]  / 12!   ≈  0.000216




cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 28, 2017
edited by CPhill  Jun 28, 2017

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