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Please Help Gracias! 


 Jun 11, 2019

We need to find the area of one square and multiply that by how many squares there are.

3*3(for the area of one)*6(amount of squares)

So 6*3*3 is the correct answer

 Jun 11, 2019

To find the surface area we have to calculate every square in the problem and we only need to find the area of 1 square and then multily that area by how many squares there are 


Formula for a rectangle/square    \(Length * With = area\) 




Now we know to make a square all sides must be the same lenght other wise it would be defined as a rectangle 



so we can see that all sides are registering as 3 in the problem and inserting this for are lenght and height we get 



\(3 * 3 = 9\)



Now we know the area of 1 square is



Multiplying that by how many squares there are   \(9 * 6 = 54\)



So now we know the total surface area is 54in



or other wise 6 * 3 * 3 = 54in2

 Jun 11, 2019
edited by HiylinLink  Jun 11, 2019

Thanks Hiylink and sinclairdragon428

Nickolas  Jun 11, 2019

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