a. Pythagorean Theorem: 


b. 3 of the smallest Pythagorean Triples:


c. What are SSS, SAS, and AA Similarities:


d. What is a HL similarity:


e. Find the volume of a cylinder with height of 5 cm and radius of 3 cm:














a. a2 + b2 = c2


b. {3, 4, 5}, {5, 12, 13}, and {7, 24, 25}


c. SSS is if all the sides have the same ratio, SAS is if the sides have the same ratio and the angle, which has to be inbetween the sides, are the same. The AA similarity is two angles are the same. 


d. HL similarity is where you know that two sides have the same ratio, one is the hypotenuse, and the other is a leg(Only works on right angles).


e. 45π sq cm.

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Oh my gosh history! You are so bloody damn smart! Congratulations on ýour understanding elementary geometry! Why don't you learn some multivariable calculus and solve world hunger? Oh, and check you ego while you're at it.




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For the record: Post #1, signed by GA, is not by the real GA.


History is ten eleven years of age. ...and he is very intelligent.  I suspect he’ll have a solid handle on calculus by middle school ....and have viable solutions for world hunger by the time he graduates from university at 16. 



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By my record, I am 11 years of age. Not 10. 

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Did you have a question?

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No, troll. 

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a. That's not enough to say. What are a, b, and c? 

Also, you'll want to learn how to type squares. One way is to write a^2 + b^2 = c^2.

e. Not quite. The units are wrong.

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I'm not quite sure why you have a "genuine" account since it won't stop your other ones from being banned. 


Annnnd before you attempt to play innocent and pretend that you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, please take a look at your username.

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