Rae and Archie are financing $136,000 to purchase a condominium. They obtained a 15-year fixed-rate loan with a rate of 5.25%. They have been given the option of purchasing up to four points to lower their rate to 5.02%. How much will the four points cost them?

Guest Feb 16, 2017

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By "four points", they generally mean 4% of the principal of $136,000 in this case.

So, 4% on $136,000 =$5,440 !!.

The monthly payment on the loan without points @ 5.25% for 15 years =$1,093.27.

The monthly payment on the loan with points @ 5.02% =$1,076.90

The monthly savings =$1,093.27 - $1,076.90 =$16.37.

Total savings over the lifetime of the loan, or 180 payments x $16.37 =$2,946.60.

Therefore the cost to them would be =$5,440 - $2,946.60 =$2,493.40. over 15-year period.

As you can see it is a "bad deal" for them. If they were to buy 2 points at the same 5.02%, then they would save about $227 over the lifetime of the loan.

Guest Feb 16, 2017

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