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I have some math problems, please help!

1) Table 3 shows the rates charged for renting a hall.

Basic payment RM100
Rental fee RM15 per hour

                    Table 3

Mr Ahmad rents the hall for his son's wedding.Mr Ahmad uses the hall for p hours with payment RMq.

(i) Construct a fomula that is suitable for connecting q to p.

(ii)Find the usage period of the hall, in hours, if Mr Ahmad paid RM490


Please help me, I have many troubles in this question.

twhtan  Sep 21, 2017

If I am reading this correctly, p is the amount of hours that Mr Ahmad used the hall for and q is the total price.


100+15p=q Would be the formula you would use because 15 is the price per hour and p is the amount of hours


Now set q to 490 and you have






So he would have used the hall for 26 hours




NediaMaster  Sep 21, 2017

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