I haven't been here in a while, and haven't lived up to my "promise" of posting every day. I'm making a puzzle, and whoever solves it first wins.


Three men went to a hotel to rent a room, the cost of the room was $30. Each man paid $10 to the bellboy and proceeded to their room. After a little while the bellboy realized that there was a special on rooms that night and the price for the men's room should have been $25. On his way to the men's room to give them back $5, he was puzzled how he was going to split $5 as he had no change. He decided he would give them each $1 and keep the remaining $2 for himself. So each man originally paid $10, but after the bellboy gave each man $1 back, each man paid $9. 
9 x 3 = $27 plus the $2 the bellboy put in his pocket equals $29. The original price for the room was $30. Where did the last dollar go?

 Jun 17, 2014

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