Elodie is putting on a fashion show and has five fabulous outfits for her five fabulous fashion models. However, on the day of the show, two of the outfits were ruined in an unfortunate permanent marker incident. Regardless, the show must go on and the remaining outfits will be presented. If each outfit can only be worn by one model and there is no time for any model to wear more than one dress, how many different shows can Elodie put on? (Note: Two shows are considered the same if they contain the same models wearing the same dresses.)

Guest Sep 1, 2018

There are 5C3 combinations, so we can get \((5\)  \(3)\) \(= 10\) combinations.


- Daisy

dierdurst  Sep 1, 2018

So there are 5 girls and 3 dresses. 

Each show has 3 girls wearing a dress each.

I'm a bit unclear on the rules.

I guess one or 2 girls can wear the same dress but not all three.


I think it is the same as how many ways can 3 girls be chosen from 5 if order counts.

Order counts becasue the first one gets the first dress, the 2nd gets the 2nd dress and the 3rd gets the 3rd dress.


So that would be      5P3    =  60 


So I think there are 60 shows. Some of the girls and outfits will be the same but never all 3.

Melody  Sep 2, 2018

Oh yeah that makes more sense! I was kind of confused on the question. I should of used permutations instead, haha. Thanks!


- Daisy

dierdurst  Sep 2, 2018

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