1. Which equation correctly describes the relationship between the measures of the angle and arcs formed by the intersecting secants.


Options- m1=1/2(m arc PQ-m arc RS), m1=1/2 m (arc) RS, m1=m (arc) PQ- m (arc) RS, m1=1/2(m arc PQ+m RS)


2. The sine of 37dg is equal to the cosine of what angle?


3. RS is tangent to circle Q at point R. What is the measure of SQR?

Guest Apr 18, 2017

1.  m1=1/2(m arc PQ-m arc RS)


2. sine (37°)   =  cosine ( 90 - 37)°   =  cosine ( 53°)


3.  SQR  =  90°




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CPhill  Apr 18, 2017

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