Ebony’s bank balance first reached $400 on Day 4. The last day her balance was $400 was Day 8.


 Jade said that the amount of money Ebony took out of her account each day between Day 8 and Day 12 was the same amount of money she put into her account each day between Day 0 and Day 4. Recall that Day 12 is when the balance first reached $0. Without doing any calculations, how could you show Jade why that cannot be true?

 Sep 28, 2019

If she took out as much money  each day from day 8 to day 12  as she put in from day 0 to day 4, she should have $200 in her account [ her beginning balance ] on Day 12


So....she must have taken more out each day since she has $0  on day 12



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 Sep 28, 2019

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