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Ms. Chen is planning to take her camp group on a field trip to Pottery Bayou where each person will create her own piece of art pottery. The regular cost is $40 per person. There is a group special which costs $25 per person with an additional $150 fee for a private room. Ms. Chen is trying to decide if she should use the regular price or the group special.


(a)   The director of the camp told Ms. Chen that she can have a budget of $300 to bring as many campers as she can. What deal should Ms. Chen go with and what is the maximum number of people she can bring with $300? Support your answer by showing how many people can go with each deal.

 Nov 9, 2018

@ 'regular price' of $40/person she can take (including herself in the count)

       $300/$40/person = 7.5 ~ ~~ 7 people with $20 leftover


@ 'specil rate'  she can take   ($300-150)/ $25/person = 6 people

 Nov 9, 2018

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