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Ms. Chen is planning to take her camp group on a field trip to Pottery Bayou where each person will create her own piece of art pottery. The regular cost is $40 per person. There is a group special which costs $25 per person with an additional $150 fee for a private room. Ms. Chen is trying to decide if she should use the regular price or the group special.

(a)   Write an equation to show the total cost of the regular price with x people.

(b)   Write an equation to show the total cost of the group special with x people.

(c)   Graph the equations.

 Nov 9, 2018

Regular cost = y = 40x


 Special cost =  y = 25x + 150


Graph to follow.....

 Nov 9, 2018



Here is the graph:

 Nov 9, 2018

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