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The function  f(x)=5(x−1)  is shown on the coordinate plane.

Select from the one option correctly describe the end behavior of ​ f(x) ​.


As x decreases without bound, the graph of f(x)( approaches y=0, increases without bound, decreases without bound) 


As x increases without bound, the graph of f(x)   (approaches y = 0 ,increases without bound,  decreases without bound.)



 Nov 12, 2019

That is NOT the graph of   5(x-1)  

the graph shown , looking at it reveals:

  as x decreases without bound the graph f(x) approaches 0

  as x increases                                                 increases without bound   



That is the graph of   5(x-1)    Be careful when typing your questions for submission....syntax is VERRRRY important in Mathematics.

 Nov 12, 2019
edited by ElectricPavlov  Nov 12, 2019

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