Grant has  cup of ice cream in a bowl. He then removes two  cups of ice cream to share with his little brother. Which of the following best explains the amount of ice cream left in Grant's bowl?

 Apr 22, 2021

You didn't give us any choices (the question says "which of the following") but I'm going to try and answer it anyways.


First of all, I need to address a mistake in the question that may lead to my giving the wrong answer. The question states that Grant has only one cup of ice cream in a bowl, then removes two cups to share. If this is a trick question, you have your answer, but I'm going to assume that this is a mistake and the he just has a bowl of ice cream.


So, if we make variables for the two things we need to solve this:


Bowl = b

Cup = c


We can easily make an expression that solves the question.


The expression that best explains the amount of ice cream left in Grant's bowl is:


b - 2c



Hope this helps :)

 Apr 22, 2021

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