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I was doing my math on this calculator when I came to a problem that required me to find a and b for the setup \(solve(ab=11,a+b=6)\)

I put it in the calculator and I got: {ab=11, a=6-r1, b=r1}.

What is the r1, and where is it coming from?

 Nov 4, 2017

The calculator doesn’t understand your implicit multiplication, so you need to enter a*b=11, not ab =11. If you do this the calculator produces the correct two (complex) results.

In your case, the calculator simply ignored the ab=11 part and assigned an arbitrary variable, r1, to b and then solved for a as a = 6 - b → 6 - r1.

 Nov 5, 2017

Thank you!


helperid1839321  Nov 9, 2017

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