"Ned No-Idea" was what everyone called him. His real name was Ned Franklin, but everywhere he went he was called "Ned No-Idea" Every time someone asked him a question, he said "I have no idea" He don't even try to think, he just said "I have no idea" One day Ned's mother had an idea. She called of Ned's relatives and asked each one to send Ned eleven ideas about how to have an idea. The thirteen relatives each sent eleven ideas. One-fourth of the ideas were about school half of the ideas were about learning and the rest of ideas were about thinking. How many ideas were about thinking?

 Apr 17, 2021

Total ideas sent to Ned    13 x 11 = 143 ideas


Ideas about thinking were     1 - 1/4 - 1/2 = 1/4


1/4  143 = ~~ 36 ideas about thinking

 Apr 17, 2021

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