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The graph of  g(x) is a transformation of the graph of f(x)=3^x




what is the   equation for g(x)

 Nov 13, 2019

Compared to 3x      g(x) is shifted DOWN 1 unit   and shifted RIGHT 2 units

      What would you do to f(x) to get to g(x) knowing this? 

 Nov 14, 2019

You got it EP! :D 

here's more hints though....

please remember the rules of the transformation of functions.......
I'm not going to use your exact problem but let's do something similar: 

pretend I gave you parent function ⇒ \(f(x)= x^2\)

what do we know about this? 

well we know that it is a parabola! 
so lets say i then give you function g(x)
\(g(x)= (x-3)^2 +4\)


what can you tell me about this?? 

well remember that \(f(x)=(x-h) \) shifts your function h units TO THE RIGHT!! 
and \(f(x)= (x+h) \) shifts it h units TO THE LEFT!! 
and..... finally....
\(f(x)=x+k\)  your function MUST be shifted k units UP! and if k was negative it would be k units DOWN!

now apply this rule to your problem and see if you understand it.........

hope this helped in some way !

 Nov 14, 2019

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