Jahmil went Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch with two of his coworkers. He has $15 for his portion of the bill. The group decided on an appetizer that costs $11.99 that will be split 3 ways. Jahmil orders a wings combo for $9.99 and a lemonade for $2.19. He has a 15% off coupon. Does he have enough money to pay for lunch. If he does, what is his change? If he does not, how much more would he need to cover his bill?


 Aug 25, 2020

First, let's calculate how much he pays for the appetizer. This is 11.99/3, which is about 4. Now, we add 9.99 and 2.19. This is 16.18. Now, we multiply this by 0.85 (to get the discount total). This is 13.753, which is about 13.75. Finally, we can find the change. This is 15-13.75, which is 1.25.



 Aug 25, 2020

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