Let's think about billions by looking at Bill Gates, president of Microsoft. One year, his personal wealth grew by $20 billion. Suppose he was working by the hour, like working at a fast food place, but with a higher wage. Suppose he saw a $100 bill at his feet, if his salary were docked for the time it would take him to pick it up, should he stop work and take the time to pick up the $100 bill?

 Feb 1, 2019

I guess I am meant to assume Bill spends every cent of hims money so that his ONLY soruce of income his his Mickey D job.


If he works 40 hours a week, for 52 weeks a year then he earns $20million/(40*52) = $9615 per hour or $160 per minute.

I would take less than half a minute to pick up the note so yes it is probably worth his while - so long as he does not have  back problem that is. 

Does he get to keep the money?

 Feb 1, 2019

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