1. Triangle ABC is a right triangle with right angle at B.



What is the measure of C to the nearest degree?


2. Which equation correctly describes the relationship between the measure of inscribed angle and the measure of the intercepted arc in the figure?


Options- mPQR=360dg-m(arc)PR, mPQR=2(m arc PR), mPQR=1/2m(arc)PR, mPQR=m(arc)PR

3. In circle Q, what is the value of x? 

Guest Apr 18, 2017

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B         C


AB  = 29     CB  = 38


We can use the tangent inverse to find C


arctan ( 29/38)  =  C  ≈  37.35°



2.  mPQR=1/2m(arc)PR


3.  This iis a right triangle where the right angle intercepts the diameter......the sum of the other two angles  = 90...so...


x +  54  =  90

Subtract 54 from both sides

x = 36



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CPhill Apr 18, 2017

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