1. Use the equation y = 3.5x to answer the questions.
  1. Graph y = 3.5x.
  2. What is the slope of y = 3.5x and what does this mean?

Make up a story that can be represented by y = 3.5x.



 Oct 9, 2018

1.  Heres the graph : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/rdw0easlxd


2.  In the form  y  = mx  ...... the slope  =  m  = 3.5

This means that as  x changes by 1, y changes by 3.5


3. Suppose  that it costs 3.50 to rent a canoe for  1 hour


Then...the cost of renting a canoe for  x hours =  y = 3.5x     where y is the total cost 




cool cool cool

 Oct 9, 2018

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