ur en träkub med kantlängden 10cm ska största möjliga cylinder tillverkas.hur stor volym av kuben blir spill

Guest Apr 5, 2017

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Google translate's interpretation:

from a wooden cube with edge length of 10 cm, the largest possible cylinder manufactured. the volume of the cube will spill "


I think the question may be asking : what is the difference in volumes between the cube and cylinder, when the cube has an edge length of 10 cm.


the volume of the cube = 10 * 10 * 10 = 103 = 1,000 cm3

the volume of the cylinder = π * radius2 * height


the difference in volumes = 1,000 cm3 - volume of cylinder


I do not know how to find the volume of the cylinder based on the given information.

hectictar  Apr 5, 2017

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