a. Draw the reflection/mirror image of the triangular object. How do you do this?

b. Draw the lightbeam that goes from L and after reflecting against the mirror comes in P

Guest Apr 23, 2018

See if the following helps. The dotted lines are construction lines. Three are needed to create triangle image. Then draw dotted line from LL to P. Then draw line from L to K and from K to P.

Alan  Apr 23, 2018
edited by Alan  Apr 23, 2018

Further to my reply #1, I should have said that the construction lines from the three vertices of the triangle should be perpendicular to the mirror and the same length behind the mirror as in front.

Alan  Apr 23, 2018

Thank you (: Your drawing helped me a lot to understand reflections and how to draw them!

Guest Apr 24, 2018

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