How do you change a fraction into a mixed number?

Guest Jun 16, 2017

Pretty Simple:


Take a mixed number, for example \(\frac{31}{3}\)


When you are converting a mixed number to a fraction we use 



So, lets split up 31, into 2 parts: The multiple and the remainder. 31 divided by 3 gives 10, with a remainder of one. Lets write this:

\(\frac{31}{3} = \frac{30+1}{3} = \frac{(10\cdot3)+1}{3} = 10+\frac{1}{3}\)


Hope this helps!


Guest Jun 17, 2017

Thanks Guest :)


\(\frac{31}{3}\\ 3\times 10=30 \;\;so\\ \text{3 goes into 31, 10 times with remainder 1 }\\ \text{You have to put the 1 over the 3 that you are dividing by}\\ \frac{31}{3}=10\frac{1}{3} \)



This is what answer guest did - it is right too :)


Melody  Jun 17, 2017

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