What does means Square Root of Number x, sqrt(x) ?

Guest Oct 15, 2017

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The square root means that you want to find the number that when which multipliced by itself gives you the original number. I'm not sure how to nicely phrase it in a sentence so it's probably easiest with examples!


\(\sqrt{4} = 2 \space \space \text{because} \space \space 2\cdot 2 =4\)

\(\sqrt{9} = 3 \space \space \text{because} \space \space 3\cdot 3 =9\)

\(\sqrt{16} =4 \space \space \text{because} \space \space 4\cdot 4 =16\)

\(\sqrt{25} = 5 \space \space \text{because} \space \space 5 \cdot 5 = 25\)


Hopefully you are starting to see the pattern of how this works! Not all square roots have nice answers however! For example look at the square root of 2. Which is an ugly and neverending decimal number. It's approximately equal to 1.41


\(\sqrt{2} \approx 1.41421356237 \)


Not as nice as the others huh? Most numbers don't have nice and clean answer! 

Quazars  Oct 15, 2017

Thank you very much!

Guest Oct 15, 2017

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