Nathan is going to a carnival that has games and rides. Each game costs $1 and each ride costs $3.75. Nathan spent $34 altogether at the carnival and the number of rides he went on is twice the number of games he played. Determine the number of games Nathan played and the number of rides Nathan went on.

 Dec 16, 2022

Let x represents the number of g and y represents the number of r.

As the number of r are two times the number of g so we have:


As the price of one g is \$~1 so for x number of g the total price is 1x.

As the price of one r is \$~3.75 so for y number of r the total price is 3.75\times y.

The two equation connstitute the following system of equations:


1 x+3.75y=34

Solving the system we get:

The number of g the person performed is 4 and the number of r the person move on is 8.

 Jan 28, 2023

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