hello! Ok so I am trying to take the inverse tangent of 8/13 and both my calculator and this say its 31.60750, but my online math program is saying it's like 211. something. Do i have the settings wrong on my calculator

Guest Mar 30, 2017

On your graphing calculator, you don't have it set up in degree mode. 

Fox1018  Mar 30, 2017

Your settings are fine..but the tangent values repeat every time you add 180º


So the inverse tangent of 8/13 ≈ 31.607º and  31.607º + 180º = 211.607º


And you can keep adding 180º as many times as you want and the tangent of that angle will still be 8/13 . smiley

hectictar  Mar 30, 2017

The result depends upon which quadrant the tangent lies


1st quadrant : arctan (8 / 13)    =  31.607502246249°


3rd quadrant :  the result in degrees  is  180 + 31.607502246349 =





cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 30, 2017

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