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Given the functions f(x)=1 / x−3 +1 and g(x)= 1 / x+4 +3 .Which statement describes the transformation of the graph of function f onto the graph of function g?


The graph shifts 2 units right and 7 units down.


The graph shifts 7 units right and 2 units down.


The graph shifts 7 units left and 2 units up.


The graph shifts 2 units left and 7 units up.


(NOTE: More Questions are yet to come... they did a poor job trying to teach us and expected us to rely on only our textbooks when its only 2-3 pages long per topic....)

 Feb 28, 2019

Changing the denomintor from   x-3    to x+4      shifts LEFT by   7

changing the +1   to  +3    shifts UP   2 

 Feb 28, 2019

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