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Jacob measures his Frisbee and calculates that it has a circumference of 18.84 inches. What is the Frisbee's diameter?

 Mar 26, 2019

Okay to find the diamter we just undo what you would do to find the circumfrence because there are approxiatmly 3.14 diamters in a circle so formally that would be (all we have to do is divide 18.84 by 3.14)



\(\frac{18.84}{3.14}= quotient\)


\(quotient = diamter\)

 Mar 26, 2019
edited by HiylinLink  Mar 26, 2019

Ok, so the formula for circumference is circumference=diameter times pi. Just imput what you have, assuming that pi is 3.14, your formula for the diameter should be 18.84 divided by 3.14. You can figure it out from there.

 Mar 26, 2019
edited by IAmJeff  Mar 26, 2019

I like you answer and your attitude Jeff,

Why would you downvote your own good answer?

Melody  Mar 27, 2019

The frisbee's circumference would be 6.

 Mar 26, 2019

Hey guest, just letting u know u shouldnt tell them what the answer is.  If you just answer the question but dont explain how, you are just giving them a free answer without them doing any work. If you see my answer above, i told them how to solve, but not the answer.  Its like helping the cheater. If you check out the link below, Melody and a few others found some people that were using Web2Calc as a place to get free answers without doing any work. Dont be the guy that just goes around to every question and just writes the answer in. Its helping cheaters. If younwish to answer, write how to solve it, but not the answer. Let them have the chance to figure it out on their own.


As an edit yes this problem is very simple but still you shouldnt just give them the answers.





IAmJeff  Mar 27, 2019
edited by IAmJeff  Mar 27, 2019

But not only is it that were not looking for a CIRCUMFRENCE in the first place.

HiylinLink  Mar 27, 2019

I agree, if you dont let them get the answer on thier own, life will be harder for them whether its in a higher grade.

It simply does not help

Guest Mar 27, 2019

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