Suppose a company has a water cooler cooler that is currently holding 370 cubic inches of water. They have paper cone-shaped cups, each with a height of 6 inches and a diameter of 2 inches. How many whole cups can be filled (to full capacity) before the water cooler is empty? Enter your answer as a whole number.

 Feb 9, 2023

The key here is to find the volume of a cone with height 6 inches and radius 1 inch. Using \(V=\dfrac{\pi r^2h}{3}\), we have \(V=\dfrac{6\pi}{3}=2\pi\approx6.28\). For the purposes of this problem, approximating it to \(6.28\) is close enough.


Dividing, we get \({370\over6.28}=58.9\). Unfortunately, the 0.9 does not count; it asks for full cups. 0.9 is not full. Therefore, the answer is \(58.\)

 Feb 10, 2023

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